All our clients have access to transportation services, supplies, provisions, and any resource required by the vessel and its crew, and we supply them quickly and efficiently with barges and launches.

Servicios Marítimos y Logística
Servicios Marítimos y Logística

The standard services that our clients usually require are:

Transportation of goods:

  • Collection of liquid, aqueous and oily wastes
  • Solid waste collection
  • Hazardous waste collection
  • Provision of food supplies
  • Bulk fresh water supply
  • Supply of lubricants and other bulk additives
  • Freight transportation

In terms of waste, we take care of all the waste indicated in the MARPOL convention, for which our vessels have the necessary resources: drums, containers and crane.

Remember that through these services, we provide any custom order of products and services needed by your vessel and crew.

Transfer of personnel:

  • Safe transfer of passengers
  • Transfer of agents, inspectors, and official authorities
  • Crew relocation
  • Complete change of crews

Remember that, just as we have personnel transportation at sea, we also offer personalized and mass transportation services for your crew. Likewise, we facilitate mobility throughout the city for its agents and crew.

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Belonging to the P&O Reyser group of companies, they provide a wide range of maritime services.

Don’t forget that the number of services and resources we can provide is not limited to those listed above.

Your needs dictate our work and you always have the option to request a new service that we have not mentioned. If you need help or would like to hire our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will call you as soon as possible.