Among the mandatory bureaucratic procedures for shipping companies, customs procedures are usually a very important issue and can be a headache, especially for foreigners.


There are four main types of documents and formalities that companies exporting by sea are required to complete:

  • Commercial documents
  • Transport documents
  • Transportation insurance
  • Certificates specific to your business sector
  • Legalization of documents

Regarding tax/customs formalities, the paperwork required to export within the European Union is the least complicated, however, our operations department will guide you and your team for any procedure, no matter if it involves special permits and documentation.

Cemesa, Maritime services

Belonging to the P&O Reyser group of companies, they provide a wide range of maritime services.

Commercial documents

  • Pro forma invoice
  • Commercial invoice
  • List of contents
  • Customs Invoice
  • Consular Invoice
  • Certificates of origin
  • ATA and CPD notebooks

Transport documents

  • Marine Bill of Lading
  • FIATA Multimodal Shipping Knowledge
  • Air Bill of Lading and road waybill if required.

Legalization of documents

  • One-time legalization or Hague Apostille
  • Legalization of public documents

Don’t forget that the number of services and resources we can provide is not limited to those listed above.

Your needs dictate our work and you always have the option to request a new service that we have not mentioned. If you need help or would like to hire our services, please do not hesitate to
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Source by the Department of Ventana Global ICEX Spain Export and Investment: Guide to export procedures and documents 2021.