The correct transport of the different goods is an indispensable service to provide a professional port service. We have specialized machinery for the reception of different cargo transportation units, as well as customized enclosures for their storage.

Servicios Marítimos y Logística
Servicios Marítimos y Logística

Our machinery, as well as our team of professionals, have the capacity to provide all types of loading, unloading, stowage, unstowage and transshipment of goods between vessels, from vessels to land or different types of means of transport.

Cemesa, Maritime services

Belonging to the P&O Reyser group of companies, they provide a wide range of maritime services.

If your company has special needs in the handling of goods, you can count on a correct reception, storage, loading and transportation within our ports.

Within our services you also have at your disposal the transport of goods, by sea or by land and in different means of transport, we send your goods and maintain a constant control and monitoring to ensure an accurate and efficient shipment.

If the needs of your company require, within the transport of your cargo, import or export, you can rely on our services, we have a section specially dedicated to customs formalities and documentation.

Contact us for more information about the transport and handling of your goods.

Don’t forget that the number of services and resources we can provide is not limited to those listed above.