Among our staff, we have professionals with decades of experience in continuous and varied work in diving operations.

Servicios Marítimos y Logística

We offer a wide range of repairs, inspections and other diving services of the highest quality; performed by our certified divers, for any operation your vessel requires.

Cemesa, Maritime services

Belonging to the P&O Reyser group of companies, they provide a wide range of maritime services.

Hydraulic works:

Our divers perform maintenance, inspection, repairs and all kinds of operations in hydraulic works in different types of structures. Machinery, oil wells, the seabed, among others, are environments in which our professionals know how to work.

Cutting and welding:

Certified welders, specialized in steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We provide cutting and welding services in a wide variety of structures: pipes, hulls, plates, among other structures. We perform both wet and hyperbaric welding.
Rescue and refloating of ships:
We provide rescue and salvage services for both minor incidents and major cases requiring immediate attention.

Diving systems analyst:

We provide specialists with all the necessary information and technological resources to offer our clients efficient and well-executed operations.

Work in hostile environments:

Our diving department is made up of professional divers and all the equipment that a professional diving team requires. Our divers are prepared and experienced to perform any mission in any type of environment.

Don’t forget that the number of services and resources we can provide is not limited to those listed above.

Your needs dictate our work and you always have the option to request a new service that we have not mentioned. If you need help or would like to hire our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at if you need help.