Grupo Cemesa understands how important it is for all our customers to be able to trust their allied companies: their suppliers and ports. That is why we pay special attention to maintaining a safe environment in all our locations and in our operations, to promote trust and a sense of security for our customers.

Servicios Marítimos y Logística
Servicios Marítimos y Logística

All our ports have different security methods, covering all possible vulnerabilities and taking care of the safety of both our staff and our customers.

Cemesa, Maritime services

Belonging to the P&O Reyser group of companies, they provide a wide range of maritime services.

We have security and surveillance protocols in place:

  • Vessels at berth.
  • Goods marked as dangerous (chemicals, weapons, explosives, etc.).
  • Loading and unloading of goods.

Throughout the daily operation, we have security guards patrolling the ports and security cameras at strategic points.

Routine surveillance of our ports consists of:

  • Security cameras at strategic points.
  • Rotating patrols in the most active areas.
  • Safety filter at the port entrance.
  • Vessel access control.
  • Controls and constant surveillance in storage areas and less active areas.
  • Control and tracking of merchandise shipments.

Don’t forget that the number of services and resources we can provide is not limited to those listed above.

Your needs dictate our work and you always have the option to request a new service that we have not mentioned. If you need help or want to hire our services, do not hesitate to contact us at contact us at to hire any of our services.